Welcome to PEAK Training United


High intensity intelligent training (HIIT). Coaches to motivate and manage your intensity levels that ignite calorie burning long after the last whistle. Ensuring you leave tuned up not tore up.


Designed with your success in mind. Using engaging equipment, exercises and tempos to keep you focused and fired up. Intervals designed to challenge the fittest and empower the beginner.

REAL Results

Get stronger mentally and physically, lose weight, move better, have more energy, increased confidence and empowered to make choices for a healthy fit life outside of the club.

What is PEAK Training United?

PEAK workouts begin with engaging the mind, designed with achieving holistic fitness goals. We have designed High Intensity Interval Training with safety and effectiveness paramount. Integrated mobility, education and information on Peak Nutrition habits all supported with a sense of community and TEAM. Our goal is your success, leading us to emerge with a program designed to improve your mindset, mobility , strength and stamina.

What to Expect

Workouts range from 30-60 minutes in length. A blend of cardio and strength training exercises, specifically designed to get you in your PEAK training zone safely and effectively.
Your heart rate will be monitored throughout the workout and you will be coached through PEAK zones.
Are you ready to reach your PEAK?

PEAK Training United Locations

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