GoodLife Fitness Gyms

Upcoming Locations

Due to the COVID-19 recovery, we are experiencing construction delays across the country. We will continue to move forward with the construction of our new and relocated Clubs in a safe and responsible way and will provide updated opening timelines as soon as we can.

Fitness Orientation

New to GoodLife? Our introductory programs help you learn the basics and make you feel welcome, comfortable, and confident. Sign up for one of our Starter Programs to learn more about programs that spark your interest, from Personal Training to Fitness Classes.

20-Minute Total Body Workout

Fit Fix is a 20-minute circuit with nine strength training machines, giving you an effective total body workout in less than half an hour! Doing Fit Fix two to three times per week keeps you in shape, bringing you that much closer to reaching your fitness goals.


A healthy diet increases your performance, maintains a healthy weight, and improves your overall health. Whether your goal is to gain muscle or lose weight, we’ll help you create a customized diet plan that complements your workout perfectly.