HIIT & Athletic Training Classes

Challenge yourself to conquer rapid fire drills and sports inspired movements with HIIT & Athletic Training. Each class combines cardio, strength training and athletic conditioning to maximize results and improve aerobic conditioning, leaving you stronger, shredded and more confident than ever while burning calories long after the workout is over.

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HIIT & Athletic


No coordination required! A multi-level group workout designed to challenge each individual at their own fitness level. The training session will consist of athletic training moves and sports conditioning drills. Get results quickly, have fun and be motivated.

HIIT & Athletic


BODYATTACK™ is a high-energy, sports-inspired workout with moves that combine athletic movements like running, lunging and jumping with strength exercises such as push-ups and squats. 

HIIT & Athletic


"EMPOWER-HIIT features High Intensity Interval Training workouts with safety and effectiveness paramount, customized specifically for women. A wholistic approach that takes the smash out of high intensity, using the support of MYZone technology and give you results quickly. These workouts integrate mobility, education, and information from our PEAK Eats newsletter, while your Coach will EMPOWER you to improve your strength and stamina. All with the sisterhood of a TEAM and community support. Available with your Performance Membership. Please contact your club for more details."

HIIT & Athletic


FITFUSION programming offers a wide variety of workouts showcasing talents such as Jillian Michaels. Enjoy the various invigorating multi-leveled workouts available. Jillian Michaels workouts on GoodLife's Virtual Fitness platform will challenge your body and stimulate your mind.

HIIT & Athletic


High Intensity Interval Training is a sure way to boost your metabolism and burn some calories! GoodLife’s HIIT workout will alternate short intense anaerobic exercise, strength and periods of low-intensity recovery to improve your heart health, endurance and recovery rate. The bonus? Better results in less time with a post workout after burn!

HIIT & Athletic


LES MILLS GRIT™ Athletic is a 30-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) plyometric-based workout, designed to make you perform like an athlete. This workout uses a bench and combines explosive jumping exercises with agility training to increase explosiveness and to build a lean and athletic body. LES MILLS GRIT™ Athletic takes cutting edge HIIT and combines it with powerful music and inspirational coaches who will be down on the floor with you motivating you to go harder to get fit, fast.

HIIT & Athletic


A 45 minute class that combines an optimal mix of strength, cardio and core training. LES MILLS TONE™ offers a wide variety of options to accommodate all fitness levels, utilizing functional training with resistance tubing.

HIIT & Athletic


STRONG 30™ is a revolutionary 30-minute high-intensity workout led by music to motivate you to crush your ultimate fitness goals. Stop counting the reps. Start training to the beat. STRONG 30™ combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio, plyometric and explosive moves like high knees, burpees, and jumping jacks all SYNCed to original music. If you’ve got 30-minutes, you’ve got time to blitz this high-intensity workout experience with us.

HIIT & Athletic


STRONG revolutionizes Zumba® workouts as you know them, melding upbeat rhythms with powerful cardio and strength-conditioning moves to fire your fitness potential. Think progressive resistance and overload, plyometrics, core, and functional training using only your own body weight, all rolled into one dynamic, results-driven class guaranteed to challenge your entire body. Relying on proven HIIT methods, but with a Zumba twist, we call our program HITTZ – High Intensity Tempo Training – Zumba style! The strength of the beat challenges you to find power, strength, speed, stamina, and mobility. Optimize your workout and make every minute count as you push beyond your limits. Join the party and get fit. Sponsored by ZUMBA®FITNESS.

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