Try our new high intensity-interval group fitness workout that completely transforms your body. Available as three different classes called Strength, Athletic, and Cardio. GRIT™ is designed to take your fitness to the next level.

Get fit fast - 30 minutes is all it takes. Get to know the different styles of GRIT™

GRIT™ Athletic

Perform like an athlete. This workout often uses a step, body weight exercises, and multi-dimensional sports conditioning training to increase your overall athletic performance: strength, agility, speed and power.

GRIT™ Strength

Designed to improve strength and build lean muscle, this workout uses weight plate, barbell, and bodyweight exercises to work all major muscle groups.

GRIT™ Cardio

This workout improves cardiovascular fitness, increases speed, and maximizes calorie burn. It uses a variety of bodyweight exercises and provides the intensity you need to get results fast.

GRIT™ classes are released every three months with new music tracks and choreography.

What is GRIT™?

GRIT™ uses high-intensity interval training (HIIT) as short, intense bursts of effort followed by periods of recovery.

The intervals allow you to reach your max effort training zone during your workout - and also let you burn more calories AFTER your workout ends.

What to Expect

GRIT™ is designed to transform your body by developing strength, speed and agility. Achieve 9% more fat loss and experience a 17% more effective workout than your standard aerobic or “steady state” training.

Expect to sweat, push your limits, and have fun! Get ready for 5-6 tracks including an accelerated warmup and core workout to finish. Work at your own pace - It’s not about how many moves you can do but how well you do them. Range, speed and power are what’s important.

GRIT™ Locations

Alberta (5 Clubs)

Ontario (8 Clubs)