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Frequently Asked Questions

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

What do I need to know about provincial legislation about proof of vaccination?
As of October 8, 2021, all provinces have announced mandates requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination to access certain businesses, including fitness clubs.

We appreciate your patience with these rapidly developing announcements and are working as quickly as we can to provide our Members with the information they need.

For more information, please visit our GoodLife Standard Page.
What is GoodLife doing to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission in its Clubs?
From the outset of the pandemic, GoodLife has embarked on an unprecedented effort to ensure our Clubs are as safe as possible for all our Members and Associates. We have consulted a variety of experts in infection prevention and control to establish a set of comprehensive guidelines that help create the safest environment possible in all of our Clubs. We continue to work with government and public health stakeholders to ensure each of our Clubs are meeting or exceeding all guidelines put forth by all levels of government.

As public health guidance and provincial orders evolve, we will continue to regularly update our health and safety standards.

We are grateful for the ongoing efforts of our Members and Associates to keep one another - and their greater communities - safe and healthy during these unique times.
Do I have to wear a mask at GoodLife?
Responding to the varied masking mandates and restrictions in Public Health regions across the country, GoodLife introduced a colour-coded masking system for Members. GoodLife’s mask level system has three colour-coded levels, ranging from Green to Red. At level Green, masking is a personal choice; at level Yellow, masks can only be removed at your individual workout station; and at level Red, masks must be worn at all times, in all areas of the Club.

Our goal by implementing this system is to clarify mask usage standards for Members at each Club. Please note that your Club’s masking level may change at any given time as per regional Public Health guidelines and/or GoodLife decisions. To find the individual requirements for your Club, please refer to the chart under Club & Mask Status on The GoodLife Standard page.
We highly recommend that you continue to shower at home. Showers will only be available in certain clubs where Government restrictions allow.

Please Find Your Club to determine whether showers are available at your Club.

Towel service is currently available at a limited number of Clubs. We will notify Members via email when Towel Service is reintroduced at Clubs in your area.
Water Fountains
Members are encouraged to bring a pre-filled water bottle for their workout. Water fountains will be equipped with bottle fillers, but Members are not permitted to drink directly from the water fountains.
Foam Rollers, Bands and Mats
Members are encouraged to bring their own small equipment, where possible, to decrease the number of items being handled in the Club. Foam rollers, bands, and mats are available to Members at this time. These items must be cleaned before and after each use.
Front Desk
While we do our best to limit the number of Associates behind the front desk at one time, we ask for your patience as our Associates try to assist with any questions as promptly and safely as they can. Please wait in the designated waiting areas until an Associate is available to speak with you.
I have prepaid for my membership in full, how do I receive an extension for my membership?
All paid-in-full memberships will have the number of the days your club was closed added to the expiry date of your membership. This will happen automatically when your club reopens. For example: If Clubs in your area have been closed for 30 days, you would receive an extra 30 days added to the end of your membership term.
I am uncertain about all of these changes and the impact they will have on my gym experience. Will you be lessening any of these measures soon?
Our current operational practices differ from province to province - and even region to region - based on local public health guidelines. As vaccination rates continue to increase across the country and provinces work through their plans for reopening, we look forward to being able to progress towards our regular operations. While we look ahead to a bright future, we will only make changes when it is safe to do so, following the guidelines and recommendations from local government and public health officials.
With some amenities closed or restricted, will you be reducing Membership fees?
We are not reducing Membership fees, but we will not be charging for amenity add-ons that are not currently available. All current limitations to our amenities and services are required to ensure we are complying with government regulations and/or providing a Club environment that is as safe as possible.

In order to add value for our Members while some options are unavailable, we have been working hard behind the scenes to provide hundreds of online options to support you as you work on your health and fitness goals from outside our Clubs. This includes continuing to offer 15+ live, online workout and mental wellness classes every week, as well as daily workouts and content on our social media channels.

We know that everyone's personal situation is different and we want to be supportive of that. If you are interested in temporarily freezing your Membership, please contact our Member Experience team to learn more.
Despite all the safety measures you have put in place, I still don’t feel ready to come into my Club when it opens. What are my options?
People join GoodLife because they want to be and feel healthy, happy and strong – physically and mentally. In pursuit of the good life, they often find a sense of community that keeps them coming back and a convenience that is second to none in Canada.

Even with our robust investments in safety, we recognize that these are unique and challenging times and that everyone’s personal situations are different.

We highly recommend trying out this new Club experience. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised! But if you’re just not ready, that’s ok too.

To see the options available based on your Membership type, visit our Member Portal.
If allowed by provincial guidelines, lockers are available. In order to ensure physical distancing and cleanliness, locker capacity has been reduced, with select lockers secured so they cannot be used. Used lockers will be cleaned after each use to ensure it is safe for the next Member. Members will be asked to leave their locker open at the end of their workout. If the locker is closed, it is clean and is safe to be used by the next Member. This may vary between provinces based on provincial regulations.
Hairdryers and Curling Irons
Hairdryers and curling irons are available at select locations.
Why are some Group Fitness classes available while others remain off the schedule?
Group Fitness class offerings have been modified to make sure we are running classes that can achieve our desired level of safety, while still giving our Members the great experience they have come to expect.

Programs were selected after a careful review of fitness industry practices given the current circumstances.

Some further limitations may be present in your region, depending on local public health restrictions. Other programs will be considered as we progress towards normal operations.
How will GoodLife determine when it is safe to re-open any closed amenities/service?
We are closely monitoring all provincial and federal health guidelines to ensure our Clubs are as safe as possible for all our Members and Associates. We will only reopen closed amenities/services when it is safe to do so based on these guidelines and following the recommendations of local public health officials.

Policies, Rules and Etiquette

Membership Privileges
We may terminate your Membership (if applicable) and may refuse you entry into a Club or eject you from a Club if you commit a serious or repeated breach of these Rules or your Membership contract (if applicable) or if you engage in any other serious misconduct.
In-Club and Online Behaviour
GoodLife is committed to providing a safe and positive environment for all Associates, Members, and guests in our Clubs and in our online communities. We expect all who enter our Clubs or engage with our social media channels to be respectful in their language, manner, and tone in all interactions. We will not tolerate bullying, discrimination, intimidation or violence, or any behaviour that creates an unsafe or hostile environment.

Members who fail to live up to these expectations in our Clubs will be subject to disciplinary action, including up to a lifetime ban from all GoodLife locations.

Members exhibiting harmful behaviour on our social media channels may have their comments deleted, be blocked from engaging with our channels and/or be subject to the same disciplinary action as someone in our physical locations.
Do you have AED units?
All of our Clubs are equipped with AED’s for use in emergency situations and our Associates are trained to use them.
Are your staff trained in CPR and First Aid?
Our staff are certified in CPR and the use of Automated External Defibrillators.
Where can I use my cell phone?
Cell phone use is not permitted in the change rooms, washrooms, saunas, pool areas, while using equipment, in the JUMP! Facilities or in the Group Fitness studio while a Class is in session, in any GoodLife Fitness Club. This is in place to protect the privacy and safety of everyone who is in the Club and to ensure courtesy around other Associates and Members.
I would like to take photos and/or videos in the Club, what are the rules?
We want to ensure GoodLife Clubs are a place of privacy and safety for all Members, Guests, and Associates. We understand that social sharing is very common, and we love to see our Members and Associates sharing their successes, but we want to do so in a way that doesn’t impact the experience of others.

Please keep the following in mind while capturing photo or video in our Clubs:

· Photos, videos, and video streaming ARE permitted in public areas of the Club.

· Photos, videos, and video streaming are NOT permitted in the Change Rooms, Saunas, Showers, Whirlpools/Spas, Pools, JUMP! Area, Tanning Rooms, or Private Offices at any time.

· It is very important that no Members, Guests or Associates are captured in photos or videos without their verbal permission.

If you are interested in capturing photos or videos for professional purposes, or if you have a media request, please contact the GoodLife Media Relations team at
How old do I have to be to work out at GoodLife?
The minimum age to join GoodLife is 12 years old -- however we do require a parent or guardian signature for anyone under the age of majority. In addition, all Members under the age 18 are required to have a series of orientations in order to help familiarize and get comfortable in the club.

Club Access

Why do online booking schedules vary from Club to Club?
Our Clubs are currently operating with a variety of access models that have been designed to meet changing public health restrictions and the needs of our Members in various provinces, regions, and cities.

No Booking
Select Clubs do not require booking at any time throughout the day. This means that – provided there is capacity available in the Club – you can walk in and work out at any time during the Club’s hours of operation, as listed on the website.

Select Clubs do not require booking at any time throughout the day. This means that – provided there is capacity available in the Club – you can walk in and work out at any time during the Club’s hours of operation, as listed on the website.

Prime-Time Booking
Locations with Prime-Time Booking only require booking during the busiest times throughout the day. We closely reviewed past check-in volumes to build a flexible schedule allowing open workouts for the majority of the day, while giving Members the added convenience of guaranteeing their workout time through booking during prime times.

On the GoodLife App and Member Site, you will see timeslots only during prime times for which advanced booking is available, and the rest of the day will appear empty.

During open workout times, we ask that you are mindful of your fellow Members by using your time in the Club efficiently. To accommodate as many Members as possible, we ask that you keep your workouts to 90 minutes or less.

All-Day Booking
At many of our locations, we continue to require booking from open to close at this time. These locations operate with 60-minute workout blocks, followed by 15-minute Club Resets to safely allow traffic in and out of the Club and conduct regular cleanings.

On the GoodLife App and Member Site, you will see bookable timeslots all day long, with 15-minute gaps for Club Resets.
Will Club Access Models change in the future?
Each of our Clubs is unique, and a tailored approach to the access model allows us to operate responsibly while continuing to provide an expanded and exceptional experience for each of our Members. We will continue to monitor each Club’s assigned Club Access Model and make changes as needed.
What amenities are available at my club?
We are constantly monitoring the opportunities to add new amenities. Please find your club to see which amenities are currently available

Outdoor Group Fitness

What should I bring to my Outdoor Group Fitness class?
Come to the Club ready for your workout! This will look different for each individual, but we recommend wearing athletic clothing and footwear – don’t forget to check the weather to ensure you are dressed accordingly. Remember to bring a pre-filled water bottle, as well as a towel or yoga mat if you will require it. At this time, we are not loaning out these items for outdoor classes.
How do I purchase class passes?
Passes can be purchased in-Club any time during retail hours (Monday-Friday, between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm). At this time, passes can only be purchased in-Club.
Which classes are you offering outdoors in Ontario?
We are excited to offer a variety of your favourite Les Mills and freestyle classes, including BODYCOMBAT, BODYATTACK, BODYFLOW and more to get you active while enjoying the fresh air.
What happens if there is inclement weather?
In the event of rain, excessive heat, poor air quality, or other inclement weather, classes will be canceled. Please monitor the local weather in advance of your class start time. All decisions about cancellations will be made at least 3 hours prior to the class start time. Upon making the decision to cancel a class, we will attempt to contact all Members as quickly as possible. 
Will I have access to the Club to use the changeroom and/or washroom?
Clubs will be open for Members to purchase class passes and to use the washroom. Changerooms will not be open at this time, and we ask that Members arrive ready to work out. Please note that masks must be worn at all times while inside the Club.
Do I have to wear a mask during Outdoor Group Fitness in Ontario?
Class participants do not need to wear a mask during their workout; however, three metres' distance must be maintained, and workout stations will be set up in order to facilitate appropriate distancing.
Will you be expanding to offer additional classes?
As we continue to gauge the level of interest in Outdoor Group Fitness, we want to hear from you! We will be surveying our Members who attend outdoor classes to get a better sense of the types of programming that is most requested. We will look to evolve and adapt our Outdoor Fitness program as we learn more.

Teen Fitness

What is the purpose of the Teen Fitness Program?
The vision for the Teen Fitness Program is to introduce teens in Canada to the benefit of fitness and wellness habits at a young age. We know the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on our youth, which is why we are so excited to be able to reintroduce our Teen Fitness Program for 2021.
What is new about Teen Fitness this year?
This year, the Teen Fitness Program is completely digital! This means that while teens won’t have access to our Clubs as part of their Teen Fitness Membership, they will have access to all of our incredible Member content, workouts, and classes via the Member Website and GoodLife App.
Why is Club Access not part of the program this year?
With GoodLife Clubs across the country in various stages of reopening, we were unable to promise a consistent in-Club Teen Fitness experience from coast-to-coast. Given the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our youth, it was important that we provide any opportunity possible to help encourage healthy habits, and we are hopeful that many teens will utilize the free digital membership. We hope to be able to offer in-Club opportunities once again in the future when operations have normalized for all of our Clubs.
How do I enroll for the program?
A parent or legal guardian must enroll their teen by visiting After registering, a confirmation email will be sent containing all of the login and password information needed to access our Member Site and GoodLife App.
What age group is eligible for the Teen Fitness free online membership?
The program is completely free and available to anyone age 12-17.
How long does the program run?
Registration kicks off on Thursday, July 1, and runs until Sunday, September 5.
What if I’m a teen who already has a GoodLife membership?
Teens who are current GoodLife Members will not be prompted to place their account on freeze if registering for the online program. If you would like to stop your current in-Club membership and take advantage of the online teen membership only, you can manually place your account on freeze through the normal freeze process. If you have any further questions, please contact our Member Experience Department.

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